An adventure 90 Degrees North.

Running on the frozen water of the Arctic Ocean.


There are very few challenges left in the world that can really be classed as unique. Very few opportunities to set yourself apart and achieve something that only a handful of others would even contemplate.

In April 2022 I will compete in the ‘Coolest Race’ on the planet, The North Pole Marathon. 

Follow my adventure as I journey 90 Degrees North.


About Seth

Seth is a 40-year-old husband and father who has always been a keen sportsman. A qualified personal trainer and group exercise instructor, he juggles professional fitness obligations alongside his full time role as a Director of Partnership Management at The Goodwood Estate, Chichester.


By highlighting the incredible work done by three amazing organisations, I hope to affect change and have a positive impact on the lives of many. I am using my journey to the pole to raise funds for three charitable causes that are important to me and my project partners.

Working closely with each of my chosen charities I aim to follow the money and share with the 90ºNorth community the success and good work that the funds we raise will secure.

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Project Partners

My journey 90ºNorth would not be possible without the support of my project partners. Offering expertise, services and valuable monetary support. But we inevitably need more. I’d be delighted to hear from you, if you or your company want to join the 90ºNorth team and help us achieve our goals.

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